Senior Backend Engineer - Elixir / Golang

Bandra West, Mumbai | India

Build an Intelligence Platform for the Stock Market
Join us to solve the massive challenge of running thousands of high-frequency algorithms to analyze & generate intelligent insights using terabytes of structured & unstructured stock market data.


Market Pulse is the first to set out with a mammoth task of democratising access to the Financial Markets.

The heart of Market Pulse lies in its Real-time nature to deliver critical data & insights to traders in the financial domain. This requires highly available and scalable systems, real-time indexing and caching, storing and analysing terabytes of data in real-time.

Market Pulse is looking for a highly poly-skilled & experienced Backend Engineer who is passionate about coding, architecting and building beautiful and fast products. You will be building the Market Intelligence Platform. You will be coding, automating the infrastructure and architecture and implementing solutions that are scalable, resilient and cost-efficient.


Key Requirements

Personality Traits

Our Mission

Connect financial markets to masses and empower them to invest decisively

Join our mission and embark on a journey that will improve the lives of millions of investors and traders.

Our Philosophy

“Work should be a love-affair. Every moment, you should work to create what you really care for”
Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev


705, Makani Center,

35th Road, Off Linking Road, Near National College,

Bandra West, Mumbai - 400055, India


If you would like to work with us,

Write to us at [email protected]